In addition to contract manufacturing services and products, Adaptas offers a complete range of product development services that aid clients in achieving their goals and objectives on a timely basis. Our experienced product development team and proven process ensure the creation of high-quality products with reduced times to market. Using the Adaptas Business Model’s vertical integration and rapid prototyping capabilities, plus the optimization of our production process, clients can achieve their cost targets while accelerating development cycles.

The Adaptas product development team consists of members from a variety of disciplines. Mechanical and electrical engineers, PCB designers, software engineers, chemists, and project managers work together to achieve the desired product that achieves our clients’ timelines and financial targets.

The Adaptas product development process is built on three milestones. These allow maximum flexibility and rapid turnaround.

The Process


Development of early-stage scope documents that lead to concept sketches, specification documents, market requirements, and target cost ranges.


Thorough investigation resulting in experiments for risk mitigation, Alpha, Beta, Beta 2 builds, and lab testing.


Regulatory documentation, production documentation, and production planning.

The Adaptas Advantage

With our experience of developing proven automation and liquid handling platforms, clients receive highly reliable product performance at budgeted cost. When coupled with our in-house manufacturing services, the Adaptas team can supply solutions quickly and efficiently — plus the client’s time to market timeline is significantly compressed.