The First-Choice Ion Detectors for Mass Spectrometry

As mass spectrometry instruments find greater usage in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical, chemical, geological, environmental, and homeland security applications, we are creating custom detectors that offer the sensitivity needed for lower-level detection and identification of biological/chemical compounds in mass spectrometry applications.

Our patented CeraMAX™ ceramic channel electron multipliers have become the first-choice ion detectors for mass spectrometry. The monolithic ceramic construction and advanced ion-optical design offers resounding improvements over conventional ion detectors.

CeraMAX™ Features

  • Capable of high output current up to 30 amps
  • Extended lifetime
  • Increased linear dynamic range
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Innovative snap-in/snap-out mounting hardware
  • Operations to 7×10-4 torr (He) and 120°C
  • Robust ceramic construction capable of absorbing high thermal and physical shock
  • Vacuum bakeable at 350°C