These high-performance, exceptionally reliable products are purchased by virtually all of the world’s mass spectrometry companies. Our deep scientific and technical expertise has developed high-quality multipliers, ion optic grids, and filaments for GC-MS and LC-MS, ICP-MS, TOF-MS, and magnetic sector applications.


ETP Ion Detect® is the world’s leading brand for channel electron multipliers, discrete dynode electron multipliers, and ion optic grids.


Scientific Instrument Services (SIS) is a world leader in manufacturing filaments for mass spectrometers and other scientific instruments. Our manufacturing capabilities include filament design, vacuum brazing, filament spot-welding, laser welding, and high-purity cleaning of filament assemblies.


SIMION® software facilitates the design and enhancement of mass spectrometers and other ion optics lens systems. It calculates electric and magnetic fields from 2-D and 3-D models, calculates charged particle trajectories, and helps designers visualize, optimize, and analyze results.